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Success can mean different things in different peoples' lives.  That reality makes it hard to gage what success is. For one, it may be getting and holding a job. For another, earning a GED. Still another may find success in simply taking the first step of entering our program, thereby providing a loving environment for their children to know they are safe and cared for. Whatever it may look like, and wherever we find it, we celebrate successes each and every day at Pilgrims' Inn.
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Success Stories

“This year was the first year for this mother and her child here at Pilgrims’ Inn. She came in that day to pick up her gifts and she began to sob uncontrollably. She cried and told us that she did not know how she was going to be able to provide anything for her child. She began to look at the items in her bag and had to sit down. She was just shocked that someone who didn’t even know her took the time to buy these items for her and her child. After a crying session (yes I cried with her), she composed herself enough to get it together and take her things. Now folks, that to me is all worth knowing that you have touched someone’s heart this season. I can’t tell you a lot about her story but she is a single mom raising a child on her own with no family and no help from anywhere. She is going to school online and works a part time job. She is the ideal client that we are here to help serve. I foresee in 2 years, she will be on her feet with a degree and can provide for her child and YOU have helped lay that foundation for her!”

A resident at our Dorothy Bing Inn Shelter stayed with us from May through October 2019. She utilized our Open Arms Childcare center to have a safe place for her children while she participated in our SNAP2Work program. She built skills in budgeting, saving, and parenting while she stayed with us. Our case management and child counseling services were able to help her on her journey toward financial stability. Recently we received a “thank you” call from her letting us know that she’s been able to maintain stable housing and employment. She says that she owes her success to what she learned in our program. We are so thankful that we’ve been able to have a positive impact on her life and helped her towards her goals of independence. She leaves us with these words: “The sky is the limit…the only way is up! Trust in God and keep your faith.”

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